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Conservatory or Orangery?

You could be forgiven for asking the question ‘What is the difference between an Orangery and Conservatory’!!

Historically Orangeries were built as standalone structures within the grounds of a home for the purpose of growing citrus fruits in cooler climates.  These were considered essential by the wealthy generation.

Conservatories, on the other hand, were built as a by-product of orangeries but rather than being a separate building, they were constructed utilising one wall of the existing home for the purpose nurturing shrubs and plants.

So, in today’s world, whilst Orangeries and Conservatories are both, invariably, attached to the home to provide much needed extra living space, there are still some key differences in terms of construction and design.

Orangeries tend to be built with more substantial proportions, traditionally involving more brickwork or wooden sections. Full height pillars can create a feel of luxury and will be topped with a semi-solid roof, housing a beautiful roof lantern allowing the flow of natural light.  The end result is a light and spacious, elegant, room for the family to use for entertaining and relaxing throughout the whole year.

Conservatories have also moved with the times and provide a functional additional living space, no matter how big or small the given area. There are a number of style options available to best suit the look of your home and the purpose for which it will be used.  Traditionally, the structure is light and airy resulting from the use large double glazed units together with a glass roof, however, Bi-fold doors will give an airy conservatory the extra wow factor. Modern glass technology has vastly improved to enable conservatories to be a cosy place to read during winter months or a cool relaxing environment during the summer. You may wish to consider solar reflective glass or self-cleaning glass for lower maintenance.

By the nature of the Orangery structure and the extra materials and manufacture required, Conservatories tend to be the less expensive option.

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