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Conservatory Styles

P-shape conservatory

For larger spaces, the P-shape conservatory provides a larger area using a combination of the Lean-to and Victorian style conservatory.

T-shape Conservatory

The T-shape conservatory is a perfect addition to create a larger space, perhaps for dining or a larger sitting area to enjoy the garden.

Bespoke Wooden Conservatory

All of our conservatories are custom built to our customers’ specific requirements. A bespoke conservatory is tailored to your property and lifestyle perfectly.

Here is a custom Lean-to conservatory designed and built by Everitt & Jones to fit perfectly around the existing property.

  • The timer used for the windows matches the existing windows and doors
  • The brickwork was chosen and layed to match the brick walls of the property

Edwardian Conservatory

The Edwardian conservatory style usually has the following characteristics:

  • square or rectangular floor space
  • flat front
  • apex roof
  • The bold lines and rectangular shapes blends well with many styles of properties.

Gable End Conservatory

Dating back to the Georgian Style, the modern Gable End conservatory is a variant of this style. The front roof on a Gable End conservatory has the following features:

  • Steep pitch roof
  • Lots of light
  • The front roof panels remain upright rather than sloping backwards to the centre
  • The additional height gives a spacious feel.

Georgian Conservatory

The Georgian conservatory style, is less ornate than the Victorian style and usually has the following characteristics:

  • clean lines
  • square or rectangular floor space
  • flat front
  • steep, sloping roof style
  • Georgian style (1714 – 1837) focussed on harmony and symmetry creating space and light, a style carried through to Georgian conservatories.

Lantern conservatory

A period style that has two tiers to provide additional ceiling height by the addition of a roof ‘lantern’.

Lean-to Conservatory

Also called sun-rooms or garden rooms, the clean lines of a lean-to conservatory make it a very popular style.

By utilising at least one existing wall, a lean-to connects beautifully with the existing property. The shape gives maximum space and light.

A Lean-to provides a lovely location for enjoying some of the Winter sunshine in the comfort of the conservatory.

Regency Conservatory

The strong, clean lines of the Regency conservatory.

A strong feature of a Regency conservatory is the addition of decorative glass, which adds a unique touch.

Custom made in beautiful colour and leaded glass to add character and individuality.

Victorian Conservatory

The Victorian conservatory is a popular choice for period properties. However the Victorian conservatory is very versatile and suits a range of properties including new builds.

The Victorian conservatory has a bay front, a pitched roof and an ornate ridge detail.

At Everitt & Jones our custom hardwood conservatories are designed and built to fit your properties character seamlessly. Taking details from your existing windows and brickwork.

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